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Pendant: Seahorse, the Sea and the Surf


Seahorse, the Sea and the Surf ~ Contrasts of the Ocean Pendant

Way down deep where the strangest creatures dwell, lives a diminutive seahorse. The ocean’s jewel. The seahorse is quite a unique creature that has a mystical significance among the Ancient Greeks, European and Asians.

A relatively calm and mild-mannered sea creature, the seahorse is seemingly content to roam the seas.

Their bodies are geared for ambling-type motion – not for speed.
They are symbolic of patience and contentment.
They are happy with being where they are and are in no hurry for advancement.

For the Celts, the meaning of the seahorse included all the mystical qualities of water, connecting it to the imagination and creativity.

Width: 0.36 Inch
Height: 1.89 Inch