Bracelet: Tale as old as time


Tale as old as time, we have always been captivated with the image of a gorgeous woman who is half-fish, otherwise better-known as a mermaid. The Celtic bards told ancient stories of these magical creatures singing to the Gaels from Iberia as they made their sea voyage to Ireland. Said to be of modest, affectionate, gentle, and compassionate disposition, the mermaid is capable of attachment to human beings. Associated with foretelling or causing disasters at sea, mermaids have been known to lure young men under the sea where they live in an enchanted state. Legend has it that mermaids can be seen on a rock, combing her long and beautiful hair. They mystically leave everyone in awe even if such beautiful dream does come true.

Highly polished and featuring elegant 3D construction, this handcrafted Mermaid Sterling Silver Bead bracelet showcases the beauty of nature and the exquisite craftsmanship of DiveSilver Artisans.

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